Things You Didn’t Know About Ronda

In 2007, Ronda took over the massage services at our clinic with great enthusiasm. She has not only attracted a lot of referrals, but has enhanced her reputation with excellent results from the clinical/therapeutic services we provide. She has also attracted attention with new and exciting services such as the highly requested Hot Rock Massage and our amazing and unique Raindrop 'Essential Oil' technique.

It didn't take long before Ronda was doing just about everything in the office. She is a very ambitious and certainly a hard working employee and we are extremely thankful for her dedication. Ronda has become a vital part of our clinic.

Ronda's caring nature is demonstrated through her years of volunteer involvement with the Relay For Life program. She truly goes the extra mile in more ways than just her job! She, her husband Greg and their son Ethan have lived in Alexis for the past 19 years.

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