Functional or Nutritional Healthcare is healthcare of the future. Unlike treating symptoms at the expense of the body’s intricate design, true Health-care is restoring optimal metabolic balance, providing the body with essential nutrients, preventing and repairing toxic damage and supporting the body’s innate biochemical and organ function.

Your Health IS Your Nutrition

The trend toward healthy eating and seeking out effective and healthful dietary improvements is increasing drastically. However, for most Americans, we have seriously lost our understanding of real food and healthy eating. Food industry propaganda and tragically deceitful drug industry influence have created disastrous obstacles to living a healthy life.

Because of that, when health problems worsen and we reluctantly resort to medical approaches, they primarily just mask symptoms and are simply ineffective at restoring health.

Since you are here investigating how to improve your overall health, you too are likely finding that the true means of replenishing your health, avoiding the escalating degenerative disease epidemic and having the robust health that you desire entails repairing nutritional imbalances, eliminating toxic stress and feeding the body nutrient rich ‘real’ food.

Contrary to western medical dogma, health does not come from pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, in the past 7-8 decades, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, digestive disorders, Alzheimer's and ALL the other degenerative diseases have at best remained unchanged but mostly worsened. If the medical solutions to these were even slightly effective, at least one of these diseases would be improving, but they're not. Deception, censorship, falsifying data and simply denying the truth is hallmark of drug company operation which is why Americans are misled from the real solutions to health problems.

The health-based solution to the chronic degenerative diseases of today is restoring metabolic balance and function. This is primarily accomplished through nutrition – the right kind of nutrition along with targeted nutritional therapy! Improving health through nutrition is fundamental to sustainable health, even with chronic disease conditions.

Deciphering the significant amount of inaccurate and flawed dietary information in our society, while understanding more accurate and effective solutions is the first step to making drastic changes toward a healthy body and better living.

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Nutritional Therapy Services

Fundamental Assessments

First things first! Our aim is to take a detailed history and not only learn about your health concerns, but also what got you to this point. There may be genetic factors involved, lifestyle habits and even prior injuries or physical trauma. From the most basic assessments to system evaluations and physical examination, we will uncover a lot of initial information.

Lab Testing

We can't help and improve on what we don't measure. There are times when accurate information is required to determine blood glucose, insulin and lipid imbalances, liver stress, inflammatory markers and much more. We partner with an advanced lab that provide a variety of tailored panels that are very affordable and provide detailed reports.

Specialty Testing

Basic blood tests provide fundamentals. But in order to identify imbalances and problems with diet and nutrient weakness, we use more comprehensive and accurate testing. Special testing for wheat and gluten sensitivity, dairy and other food allergies help uncover problems that affect the majority of people. Additional testing for adrenal stress and other critical hormones provide additional valuable information.

Unlock & Empower Your Health 

Discover and unleash the health that is already inside you. Our services provide individualized steps toward your health goals. But you can't get to where you want to go without knowing where your starting point is.

Evaluating your dietary patterns, toxicity exposure including medications, stress environment and other baseline factors is a simple but important starting point. This initial discovery process often unveils eye-opening information that inspires the health potential inside!

You will also be given an initial Dietary Makeover to lay a foundation for your daily nutritional fulfillment.

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