Custom-fitted orthotics have a major impact on body mechanics. Properly designed orthotics provide pain relief, prevent problems from getting worse and provide critical support for joints weakened by injury or years of poor support.

Our custom-fitted orthotics are not only cast to your feet, but they are cast from properly functioning feet. Restoring the very complex movement pattern of your feet is essential to eliminating pain and other symptoms. Prior to casting, your feet are adjusted to restore normal function and movement parameters.

Not only do we successfully treat conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, but our orthotics are then cast to your restored feet, unlike most other orthotic or conventional podiatric services. Our patients have also found that the prices of our orthotics are often much lower than our competitors.

Why Orthotics are Beneficial

Biomechanical orthotic device is the technical term for what is more commonly referred to as orthotics. They have also been termed foot appliances, inserts and even arch supports. But even though they look like old fashioned arch support, the one thing they are NOT is arch supports. True biomechanical orthotic devices do not work on the principle of “supporting” the arch.

There is a very complex pattern of movement that takes place among all the bones of your feet through each step you take. That mechanical movement is translated into specific movement of the lower leg bones, the knee, hip and even into the back. When feet lose their important biomechanical patterns of movement, through injuries, poor shoe support or other causes such as certain diseases, a number of symptoms begin to appear. These symptoms can range from various foot pains, plantar fasciitis, and painful heel spurs, to knee, hip and even back problems.

The impressions made of your feet are taken in a specific position which captures the angular relationships between various segments of the foot. This enables the orthotic maker’s technicians to “capture” the best functioning position of your feet. Therefore, instead of supporting arches, biomechanical orthotic devices create a more normal function of the feet and legs by maintaining the anatomical angular relationships between the segments of each foot and leg. The end result is a decrease or elimination of foot symptoms, and very often even leg and back fatigue resulting from using wrong muscles at the wrong time.

In order for the technicians to create the proper support of anatomical function, the foot must be restored to proper function prior to being cast. That’s where our service stands apart from conventional orthotic products. Treating feet and extremities is a common practice in my clinic and with additional training and studies of foot mechanics, I have had a great opportunity to help many people with various foot and ankle conditions.

Although some patients come in specifically requesting our custom-fitted orthotics, most people learn about the benefits of providing improved, ongoing support after they have received care for various foot conditions. As the treatments help them recover from injury or eliminate their foot or heel pain, they appreciate a better understanding of how necessary optimal biomechanical foot function is. Once they regain pain-free feet, they appreciate the continued support and comfort that our orthotics provide. Also, while many enjoy the relief of nagging foot pain and symptoms, many patients receive benefit from foot orthotics in helping to correct spinal conditions.

Whatever your condition, we can provide you the properly made custom-fitted orthotics from an exceptional orthotics company. Call us today for a consultation about the health of your feet!

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