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Our mission is to provide you relief from your aches, pains and health concerns effectively and accurately.
We know that going to any sort of doctor is the last thing that anyone wants to do. And because we appreciate your trust in using our services, we intend to listen carefully and provide you with the best possible resolution of your health concerns.
As a doctor of chiropractic and with a focus on natural health solutions, I utilize both chiropractic care and nutritional therapies to remedy many problems. Our two massage therapists are also a beneficial part of our services. Whether a back or neck ache, injuries from an auto accident or sporting event, headaches, arm or leg pain or numbness, muscle pain, or more troublesome problems with digestive issues, hormone irregularities, fatigue or weight management, I provide natural, drug free approaches to promote successful solutions.
My chiropractic services utilize ‘hands on’ adjusting techniques, soft tissue (muscle/tendon/ligament) work and rehabilitation methods. The goals are to restore more normal joint movement and function, thereby improving joint tissue circulation which will reduce inflammation and pain, and also to enhance nerve signaling which will restore more normal muscle tone and coordination. All for getting you feeling better and moving easier!
Good nutritional services are in very high demand in today’s times of chronic health problems. The chronic degenerative diseases that continue to plague our society are only worsening. The Western-medical pharmaceutical approach to chronic disease is ineffective and offers no solutions. However, more and more people are turning to successful dietary and targeted nutritional solutions that are truly turning lives around and winning the war on disease.
I’ve been an advocate for clean food and healthy eating long before I became a chiropractor. My research background has led to many publications and public speaking engagements to help educate and strengthen peoples understanding and intentions with better diet. I truly enjoy providing dietary counseling and nutritional therapies that have had such a significant impact on improving the health for so many people.
The means to health is to restore the body's physical functions, support vital metabolism, and not simply cover up the symptoms!
Whether you come to us for pain relief, or to further enhance your health, we are here for you!

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