Gloria's Favorite Place

Some Background About Gloria

Gloria is our newest staff member! She's Dr. Wilson's wife and is excited to be a part of the team! She started out getting our correspondence and marketing on track, but it hasn't taken long for her to really start partnering well with Ronda, helping out at the front desk, assuming the accounting, and getting to know our wonderful patients.

Gloria is a 1979 graduate of Palmer College's Chiropractic Technology program, but has recently revived her attention in chiropractic services since her marriage to Dr. Wilson in 2010. After raising four children and seeing them start families of their own, and after spending 16 years as a dedicated home childcare provider, she is thrilled to dig into some new projects and challenges in the clinic. She is also an avid animal lover and always looks forward to adopting a new pet when possible! 🙂 She enjoys volunteering at Heritage Wesleyan Church and King's Harvest Pet Ministries.

She shares her passion of healthy eating, gardening and researching healthy foods/recipes with her husband, Dr. Wilson, which makes their work at the clinic very enjoyable and rewarding.

Project Description

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