If You are in pain, injured, or just need our services, we are still here to help!
In order to do that WE HAVE TO PROTECT YOU AND US!!

If you do need our help, we want you to feel safe!  This statement reflects the State’s legal standing of why we’re working to be able to serve you while keeping you safe:
“…in the absence of chiropractic physicians’ care, these patients [in pain or disabled] would need to turn to emergency rooms, which would tax an already-overly burdened system who may not even be able to serve them, or they would turn to treatment such as opioids and other addictive medications…”

We take this obligation and privilege to serve your needs seriously. However, if you’re doing pretty well, please don’t feel you need to come in. Stay safe and enjoy your family!

If you have any nutritional supplement needs, let us know and we can bring them out to your car. But even better, during this time Standard Process will drop ship straight to your house! Just let us know if you are interested.

These are the extra precautions we are taking  to keep us all protected:

  • Scheduling patient visits farther apart to avoid congestion
  • Sanitizing treatment rooms and equipment between each patient
  • Keeping our front office area surfaces and implements wiped down
  • Sanitizing any contact surfaces regularly like door handles and such
  • We have removed the toys and unnecessary items from the waiting room
  • We have plenty of soap and towels for hand washing
  • We do have some hand sanitizer
  • We are diffusing an essential oil blend through the office that has known antiviral and antimicrobial activity! So, breathe easier!

Lastly, as you may have seen in the last newsletter and other information at the office, please do everything you can to Strengthen Your Immune System!!! Which includes avoiding things that weaken it! You can read more about that information here. If you have more questions about this or other nutritional concerns, schedule a call with Dr. Wilson and he will be happy to arrange a consultation.

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